Designing a Backyard to Be Both Beautiful and Functional

Spring is coming, and it’s time to whip the backyard into shape. With some good, old-fashioned hard work, you can make your backyard as welcoming and comfortable as your family room. And more fun. The centerpiece of your garden area is a suite of beautiful teak patio furniture. Consider the size of the largest group that you will invite to your summer parties, and make sure you have enough seating space for everyone. For the large garden party, it will be acceptable to have a few folding chairs, but for your small, intimate groups, you will want to have plenty of matching teak garden furniture. For your al fresco dinners, you will need a table with at least six chairs. A table with an umbrella will provide some shade on a sunny day. For seating and casual conversation, set up a grouping of settees and arm chairs. Adirondack chairs provide the charming ambience of old New England. For extra occasional seating, line benches around the edges of the garden or deck.

For the children, add a swing set. Swing sets are available in a range of configurations. At the inexpensive end of the scale is the small metal set consisting of a couple of swings and a glider or slide. The deluxe play system can cost thousands of dollars but is worth the expense because the children can climb and swing and slide. These often have a small area that can act as a fort or playhouse.

If the yard space is large enough, a number of trees should be planted to provide shade on sunny days. While you are planting trees, you might as well get double duty out of them. Plant a few fruit trees, maybe an apple tree, a pear tree, and a peach tree. Trees also provide spaces for the birds. And while you’re at it, hang a birdhouse and a bird feeder from a low branch. You’ll enjoy watching the birds come to eat and raise families.

Additional shade can be available if you install a retracting awning that you can open in the heat of the afternoon, when the sun is at its brightest.

Other greenery is needed to make up the garden space. While most decorative gardens are made up of bushes and flowers, you can have a beautiful garden layout that provides vegetables and fruits for your table. The tall section of the garden can contain grape vines or berry bushes. For the lower levels, many vegetables are also beautiful plants. Think of the beautiful, expansive leaves of the cabbage. And the wispy, fern-like leaves of asparagus. Carrots have tall, fluffy leaves. Just don’t arrange your garden to look like a vegetable garden, with the vegetables in regimented rows. Plan the garden as you would a flower garden, to show off the beautiful terrain of your yard.

And, last of all, don’t forget the gas grill. A good gas grill can turn your outdoor family room into an outdoor kitchen. High-end grills have grills for cooking steaks and chops, burners for cooking sauces, and even small refrigerators.

Properly set up, your backyard can be your personal Eden.

This article describes how to design a backyard that is both beautiful and functional. Adequate garden furniture, fruit trees, and decorative vegetables make your backyard both aesthetic and useful.

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